Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Choose Payne

Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Choose Payne

May 6, 2012 – 7:55pm
Essex County Freeholder and Newark City Council President Donald Payne Jr. welcomed the endorsement of his campaign for Congress by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, a major force in the local labor.

“We have voted overwhelmingly to support you in your upcoming election,“ said Matthew C. Kronyak, New Jersey State Legislative Chairman of BLE&T in a statement. “Mr. Payne, Congress needs you, and the working class families of New Jersey need you in Washington DC.”

“I believe the endorsement shows my message of working for jobs, jobs, jobs, and my history of getting results is getting through,” Payne said, who is vying for New Jersey’s currently vacant 10th seat.

The BLE&T endorsement is a sign that local labor and party officials are beginning to coalesce around Payne’s campaign. Earlier, State Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, the highest ranking woman in state government, whom many had seen as a potential candidate, gave Payne a ringing endorsement, as did Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian P. Stack.

Payne is the choice of Essex County Democratic Committee. Essex County includes more than half of the Democratic voters in the 10th district. In his last election, Payne was the county’s top vote-getter.

Payne’s father, Donald Payne Sr., held the 10th Congressional seat for more than 22 years, from 1989 until his untimely death in March. Kronyak described the elder Payne as “ a true friend of labor and fighter for all New Jersey working families.”

“We need jobs. I believe my record in Newark and Essex County shows I know how to create jobs,” Payne said. “Send me to Washington, and I’ll fight to create more jobs.”