How To Handle Accidents As They Come

Accidents are said to be inevitable, but most people love to take advantage of this fact. All the more reason for us to be extremely careful in everything we do. Just for the record, being careful is not a ticket to a life free from accidents. However much we would have wanted to stop worrying about some accidents that just take us by surprise, we can’t.

What we can do is live life positively to the fullest and see what happens. This means that we don’t have to be fearful of what it is that is to come our way. Instead, we live our lives knowing that each day is a risk taken. The best thing to do is to be in the right books and ensure that we are on the right. Accidents are life’s way of telling us that we are never safe wherever we are. The emphasis is on the fact that we should have the right backing wherever we go. What happens when the accidents set in? We involve the long arm of the law and see what happens next.

Compensation for the trouble

hghdd764Accidents will not just pass by for a cup of tea and leave us smiling. Instead, they leave us with scars that will take a long time to heal. Instead of sitting where it is that your accident has met you, you should be determined to seek what is rightfully yours.

It’s impossible to represent yourself in a court of law. This is where you need to involve the services of a qualified lawyer who will bring justice to light. Your life has been disrupted, and you need to get it back on track. The law had to come in and help you retrieve that which the accident has deprived you.

Accidents are never major or minor; they always leave a scar that only the strong can bear. Taking it to court is one way to bare it. Keep in mind that the magnitude of the accident is what will determine your compensation. For instance, it would be utmost pettiness to file a case in court for someone that spilled some warm tea on your shirt. Check on that and avoid wasting time.

What it takes to get accident lawyers

Any and every accident that keeps you out of your normal duties will definitely deserve a hefty compensation. New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers are on the lookout for accidents that might leave you maimed or crippled.

For you to get a qualified lawyer, you must look in all the right platforms. This means that you will not find them all hurdled and piled up in the same corner. You will find most of them online with their fine deals.

After truck accidents

hdhd64Life has to move on despite how bad the accident is. In the long run, how it moves on is all that matters. The law has its meaningful way of coming up with the best ways to compensate an individual.

The beauty of it all is that there will be a special lesson that you’ll have learned from it all.…


Legal Matters to Think of Before Having a Divorce

A marriage might end once you no longer love your spouse, but in a legal sense, divorce is acknowledged when the court approves the case. There are many at stakes when a married couple decides to separate, especially when they already have kids. Divorce requires a more thoughtful consideration than marriage itself.

Spousal support

LawIn marriage, it rarely happens that both parties are self-sufficient. The common scenario is that the wife has given up her career for raising the kids while the husband is working full-time. In such a case, when a divorce happens, the wife will need time to support herself financially. And the husband, as a side that is more financially stable, is responsible for giving a spousal support. But you must know that the marital law on the matter is different from one state to another.

You must consider this factor if you are having a divorce because regardless the problems you have with your spouse, he/she has been the one who has been by your side. Think about how he/she is going to survive with outdated skills and years of unemployment (if you have been married for years). Spousal support, as ruled by the court, is not cash that can be wasted on consumptive actions.

Child custody

Marriage EndsIf you are the one who is actively working in the family, the court will be most likely to be on your side. But you must not base your decision solely on the court’s verdict. A child needs his/her mother to grow into a happy adult fully.

It will be even better if you and your spouse resolve the child custody matter with mediation or arbitration. You can decide on the matters of divorce and child support with your arbitration lawyers and revere the achieved agreements. Avoiding a prolonged dispute offer a chance for your kids to recover from the psychological impact your divorce has caused.

Property settlement

Binding arbitrationWhen you are divorcing, any property and wealth you have accumulated in the marriage will be fairly distributed. For this matter, it is better to leave the matters solely in the expert hands, the divorce lawyers.

Poor choices and reckless move can be used to bring you to disadvantage. A working person who loses everything after a divorce is a common story, too common you must not be a part of it. Do not take the matter lightly and do not hesitate to employ a lawyer.

Prior to the court’s calling, you must gather all of your ownership proofs. It would be even better if you do the task the first time you notice your spouse wants a divorce. You should carefully bear this step in mind if you have a shared commercial property. It can be the main target upon which your spouse and his/her lawyer have set their eyes.…


When To Hire A Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

In Fresno, there are many situations that can threaten your freedom because of criminal charges. Sometimes, you may not even know when you are walking straight into trouble. You may think that you are doing the right thing only to find out that you have broken the laws. In such a situation, you need to find a lawyer who can help you to avoid the harsh punishments and penalties that are often associated with crime. Probably, you do not know when to look for a Fresno criminal defense attorney because you have not been arrested yet.

Here are typical situations to help you understand it better.

When the legal process is confusing

hdhdhgd764Government prosecutors often use various tactics to make the process confusing. They will turn things around and use an approach that makes things too complicated. As a result, you will not even know how to respond to their allegations, and your chances of ending up in prison will be higher even if you are innocent of the crimes that have been leveled against you. Because of this, criminal defense attorneys know how to counter these tactics. They understand the tricks that government prosecutors use and therefore, they will craft a defense that will ensure that you get a fair trial.

When the charges are confusing

You do not have to face the trial alone if there is a Fresno criminal defense attorney helping you. Sometimes, these charges can be overwhelming. It becomes worse if you are accused of multiple offenses because now, you will be thinking of responding to too many questions. The work of an attorney is to guide you through the process. They will prepare you for trail and make you understand what lies ahead. Because of their input, you will know how to be composed in court, and give the kinds of responses that will get you offer the hook. This is your advocate, and they will be dedicating all their time and resources to help you.

When you are accused falsely

hdhd74If the accusations leveled against you are all false, but the prosecutors are determined to make them look legit, you will be in a tight spot. The prosecutors will try to make up evidence just to prove that you are guilty. If you do not have an attorney helping you, you can be sure that things will be thick. However, attorneys are professionals, and therefore, they know how to put together the kind of evidence that will prove your innocence.

By finding the statements that pull together in your favor, they will have found a way to convince the judge that you are not responsible for the crimes being talked about. You can be sure of the best services if you choose an experienced Fresno criminal defense attorney. If they have been managing such cases for long, they will have an in-depth understanding of the court systems, and therefore, they will be likely to craft the best defense. In addition to that, they can negotiate a private agreement if they think that it is the best option.




Reasons Why You Need A Life Insurance Attorney

It goes without saying that life insurance products are essential to the policyholders. However, you need the help of a lawyer who is a specialist in the life insurance sector to help you make the most out of your life insurance policy. Here are few reasons why you need a life insurance attorney.


Defense In A Court Of Law

The insurance sector is one of the most litigious sectors in the world economy. This is because it operates under several strict principles that must be adhered to before a claim can be paid. Hence, a life insurance attorney becomes necessary when these principles are not well understood and interpreted. For example, if your insurer denies your claim because the event that led to the claim was deliberate, you will need a life insurance lawyer to take your insurance company to court. As expected, this lawyer will fight for your interests during the court proceedings. However, your insurer’s attorney will also be there to justify the company’s position.

Life Insurance Lawyers Offer Legal Advice

sadasdsWithout a doubt, life insurance attorneys have a proper understanding of what the law says about life insurance products. They are therefore very resourceful when it comes to an understanding the legal aspect of a certain life insurance policy. In addition, a life insurance lawyer will also highlight the parts of your life insurance contract that is likely to attract legal issues in the future. For instance, if for any reason, you provided false information while buying the policy, a lawyer will advise you accordingly so that your insurer will have no reason whatsoever for denying your claim in the future.

They Help You Get Your Claims In Case They Are Denied

The moment you make your claim, the life insurance attorney reviews it against the contract to determine whether you deserve to be paid or not. Of course, the insurer’s lawyer protects the interests of the insurance company, and it is easy for him or her to say that you do not deserve to be paid your claim. Always remember that the insurance company makes money when no claims are made. Therefore, if it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that your claim is invalid according to the prevailing life insurance principles and the specific contract details, you stand a chance to lose all that you have spent years saving for. At this time, it is important to engage a life insurance attorney.


They Help You Get Your Claims In Case They Are Delayed

If you have a valid claim, your insurer should pay the claim within a specified period. If the claim is not paid by that time, your lawyer will advise you on the legal action to take. If your lawyer advises you to take the insurance company to court, you may actually benefit from the delay if it was deliberate.



Professional Services Offered by Divorce Attorneys

The role of the divorce attorney is to help couples who want to go through the process. The divorce process is usually not an easy process since it involves lots of emotions and battle for resources which the couple has accumulated for years. Getting experienced divorce attorney will save you from the unnecessary emotional breakdown and you are likely to get what you deserve. This read explores some of the services that are offered by the divorce attorneys;

Property division

money shareAfter a divorce case has been concluded, the court can order the couples to divide their assets. The division of assets is never easy especially if the judge has ordered an equitable division. Before any division can be done, many aspects must be analyzed to determine what each spouse will end up with. Some types of assets are difficult to divide. Since the process is as complicated as the divorce process itself, you may need the help of a divorce lawyer. The division of assets after divorce will be professionally handled by the divorce lawyers who have specialized under property division.

Missing spouse divorce

There are certain circumstances whereby you may want to divorce, but your spouse is missing and cannot be traced. When you hire a divorce attorney, he will file the divorce case and serve your spouse accordingly based on her last known address. He will be able to make use of his connections to locate your spouse since he understands the system better. You will be able to proceed with your divorce case provided you provide proof of diligent effort.


There are instances whereby you may want out in a marriage, but your spouse is earning considerably higher than you do. You may be entitled to receive alimony if this is the case. Alimony is referred to as the monthly support that a spouse pays to another. If you also significantly earn more than your spouse, then you may also be required by the court to pay your spouse alimony. Once the court decides, you will be required to pay alimony until the situation regarding the income of either of you changes.

Out of state divorce

out of state divorce Since people are always on the move, the chance of seeking for a divorce in another state that is not your original state is possible. Hiring an attorney is highly recommended if you are faced with such a situation. This is because specific requirements like the residency might complicate your case. These dynamics might be Greek to the layman, but it is not to the divorce attorney. They will be able to advise you accordingly on how you are likely to proceed with the case. Watch the video below for the questions to ask before hiring a divorce attorney;

infant hands

The Advantages of Using a Child Support Calculator

Until children become of legal age and can take care of themselves, parents have an obligation to take care of them. This is regardless of whether the parents are divorced, separated, or never married. The problem is that most parents have no idea about the amount of money that they should provide. They end up in conflicts because one party feels that the other is not doing enough, or is taking advantage of the situation to ask too much. This is one thing that has led to endless court battles between couples and can have a significant impact on the lives of the children. Because of this, you should find an easier way to calculate what you should provide without even going to the courts. For example, the Ontario child support calculator makes it easy for such parents to understand what to give to in order to support a child.

magnifying glass

Online Calculator

The best way to calculate child support is by using an online calculator. This way, everything is automated and therefore, you only need to insert the numbers in the required field so that the calculations can be made. In addition to that, it is easy to update online calculators based on the most recent child support guidelines. Therefore, you are sure that the figure that you are getting is an accurate one and that you will not have to be sued again just because the other spouse believes you are not providing enough money for the child.

Instant Calculations

A good calculator is one that gives you an instant figure about the amount you are supposed to provide in child support. It should show you the required fields to enter so that when you press the button, you get a figure fast. Gone are the days when you had to go through too many procedures just to get the figure. In such a situation, you would have had to use some calculators that require a lot of manual input. However, thanks to, you can get the figure even when you need it urgently. You only need an internet connection, and your troubles will be solved.

Child Support Calculators are Money Savers

Another reason you should use a child support calculator is that it saves you money. Without such calculators, you would have to visit an attorney to let them evaluate everything including your earnings, and then come up with an estimation. Even after that, this estimate may not be accurate, and therefore, it could lead to court battles. All through this process, you will be paying out money, and using a lot of time that you would need to carry out other duties. It can be exhausting when couples seem to never come to an agreement about the amount to be provided.

tiny hand

When using a child support calculator, it is essential to indicate the region where you reside. This is because the regulations vary based on regions. To understand the impact of this, just try calculating the same amounts with different locations, and you will be surprised by the difference.…


How to select the best wage attorney

It is essential to note that the Fair Labor Standards Act requires that those employees who work more than forty hours in a week to receive overtime pay. This pay should be offered at a rate of one and one half of their regular rate salary. At times most of the employees in healthcare industry work for more than eighty hours a week, and they are never entitled to overtime pay.

The law requires that if an employee works for any extra time, he or she must be paid a certain additional wage. Nurses are most affected when it comes to overtime pay. Therefore, it is their right to file cases on the court if their employers do not pay them. Therefore, overtime pay for nurses should be made in due time because they have worked for. Therefore, if you feel that you are not getting your fair overtime or wage from your employer, the following are some of the components you need to consider when choosing a wage and overtime attorney.


lojgfxdcghbjiokpkjiuyBefore you hire a wage attorney, you need to conduct a background research and check whether a lawyer you are interested in is qualified, trained and experienced. It is advisable to consider choosing a lawyer who has enough experience because he or she will know how to handle your case. Never make a mistake of selecting a new lawyer who has just graduated from school.


If you have a colleague nurse who has ever gone to seek justice just as you are planning, it is important to ask her some crucial information concerning the lawyer she hired. If she enjoyed her services or won her case, it is essential to consider the same lawyer. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask some of your friends who have gone to court over the same wage issue.


Before you decide to hire a wage attorney, you should discuss the fees you will pay him or her for his or her services. Most lawyers will charge you based on the state of the case, and also they must consider their experience or demand level. However, some will enable you to bargain on the fess they will claim you to pay.


When you are choosing any lawyer, it is essential to ensure that you check on their credentials. You need to pick a qualified lawyer who is ready and willing to defend you in court. Therefore, check their credentials before you make your final hiring decision.…

Qualities Of A Good Commercial Vehicle Attorney

Have you been involved in an accident in Albuquerque? If yes, then you must be asking yourself a lot of questions. To make it worse, the vehicle that has caused your accident is a commercial vehicle. How are you going to pay for your medical bills? Which attorney should you choose to handle your case so that you can get the best compensation you deserve? These are some of the questions you will be struggling to find answers to. In Albuquerque, there are a lot of law firms with the best lawyers. Here are the qualities of a good lawyer that you should look for.

Good Reputation

Although the number of years that your lawyer has been practicing law is very important, it is not the main thing that determines how experienced he or she is. A good attorney should have a history of good results. Before choosing your attorney, make sure that he has handled similar cases and that he has actually come out with good results.

Local Knowledge

The laws in different states may vary. This is why it is important that you go for a lawyer with a practical experience in courts that are within your locality. Therefore, if you have been involved in a commercial car accident in Albuquerque region, you should hire an Albuquerque attorney.

A local attorney will have handled a lot of similar cases in the local courts. He will, therefore, have an understanding of the intricacies of Albuquerque laws. If such an attorney takes your case to court, be sure that he will represent the best of your interests in the court. Your attorney will also be in a position to tell you what you should expect from your case.


When you are a victim of a car accident, there will be a lot of things that you will have to handle at once. Your medical bills, police reports and following up on your case. You will, therefore, need an attorney that you can easily access. You want an attorney that you can speak to directly and have access to anytime.


Time is of the essence when you are a victim of a commercial car accident. You want to get justice as soon as possible so that you can move on with your life. It is almost certain that the commercial vehicle company also has a team of lawyers working on their case so they can work against you. You, therefore, need a committed commercial vehicle accident attorney who can handle your case as fast as possible so that you beat the other guys.…

What You Should Know Before Hiring A DUI Lawyer

The term DUI means driving under the influence. Therefore, you need to know that there are some DUI lawyers that help in DUI cases. If you have been involved in a situation that requires a DUI lawyer, then ensure that you know what you need to put into consideration when you are hiring your DUI lawyer. Also, it is important to ensure that you know more concerning these lawyers before deciding to hire one.

Hiring a DUI lawyer

It is essential to know that Driving Under Influence charges that require an experienced DUI lawyer like this seattle dui lawyer. However, before you hire your lawyer, there are a lot of things you are recommended to know. Also, you should know that most of these experienced DUI lawyers have demand. That is why you are recommended to research to know what you are supposed to consider. The following are what you should know before hiring a DUI lawyer.

How long has the lawyer been in this line?


This is an important question you should ask yourself before you hire your DUI lawyer. You are also supposed to know the exact duration the lawyer has been working. This is the best determinant that will help you to know the experience level of your lawyer. Also, it is essential to know the background of your DUI lawyer before you hire him or her. Therefore, ensure that you hire a DUI lawyer who has at least five years of experience.

Does the lawyer have scientific knowledge?

When you are looking for a good DUI lawyer to hire, it is important to make sure that you lawyer has scientific knowledge. Also, you should ensure that your lawyer is well equipped with the education that is related to blood alcohol. Also, make sure that the lawyer you are interested in the know or has some breath testing devices. He or she should also know how these devices work.

Does the lawyer has a clean record?

Before you hire your DUI lawyer, you should make sure that he or she has a clean record. This means that you should ensure that your lawyer is not involved with some offensive cases. Also, ensure that you stay away from any DUI lawyer who has been disciplined by any of the state bar association. Therefore, make sure that you consider choosing or hiring a lawyer who has a clean record.

How many fees do you need to pay?

It is essential to know that any lawyer needs the cost of representation. Therefore, before you decide to choose one, you are recommended to discuss with your lawyer on the fees. However, most lawyers charge these fees based on their level of experience. But it is recommended that you decide to choose a lawyer with affordable services. Avoid those lawyers with expensive services.

Be honest with your DUI lawyer

lskdnvlkasndlvkasdlkvnlksadvknsaldnvlnaslkdnvlksnadvsadvThis is another essential thing you should always remember before you hire your DUI lawyer. Even though you might be tempted to lie, ensure that you avoid it. Always explain to your lawyer what happened even though you committed a crime.…


Five Factors To Consider When Choosing Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer


Getting involved in any accident can be emotionally overwhelming and furthermore there could be a couple of physical injuries involved. You might even find yourself in extreme difficulties if you can’t choose the right Phoenix personal injury attorney to assist you to get the compensation that you deserve. Paying for medical bills and other expenses after getting involved in a crash is not easy especially if you get injuries that prevent you from securing a decent job. For this reason, you need to get a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that will help you in such a type of situation.

The ideal personal injury attorney should be more than capable of helping you to deal with different insurance claims, medical bills, and handling your case professionally in court. It would be best if you put the following factors into consideration so that you identify a lawyer that will best handle your case.


22bdvbkhThe first thing that you must consider when choosing a Phoenix personal injury lawyer is their experience. Picking a lawyer with unmatched experience is the only way to make sure that your case will be handled appropriately in court with a trustworthy and skilled individual. An attorney with vast experience will be very efficient and swift when it comes to handling complicated paperwork and documents.


It would be better if you choose to hire a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that stands behind their work with a guarantee. A huge fraction of real attorneys today do not request their clients to pay them for their services if they don’t win their cases even if they tried their best. The good thing about hiring a personal injury attorney is that you are not taking a risk.

Team of investigators

It is a grand idea to work with a lawyer who works with a network of researchers to help in the collection of critical evidence to help you win your legal battle. A team of investigators will work on various aspects of your case to ensure that you build a solid case that will benefit your settlement. So if you want to increase the chances of winning your case and getting the compensation that you deserve work with a lawyer that has a big network of investigators.


You have to pick a lawyer with objectives and has been proven to be honest. You may be wishing to get a huge payout and rapid settlement, but with a trustworthy and experienced lawyer, you can be sure that they won’t make any foolish and hasty decisions. A Machiavellian lawyer will just waste your cash, time, and increase your chances of not getting the correct compensation.

Versatile approach

33bskdjkfhlkYour lawyer should contact your case in a versatile manner. It is of great importance that your attorney maintains professionalism at all times particularly when dealing with the lawyers that are representing the opposition parties.

With all the factors put into consideration, it should be clear enough for you to understand the benefits of hiring the right personal injury lawyer since this decision could make a huge difference between losing and winning your case.…

Resolving Employment Disputes – A Small Guide

Resolving employment disputes effectively and quickly is crucial for any type of business. Poor inter-office relationships will not only lead to workplace animosity and poor performance, but also very expensive and drawn out litigations. It is usually a very fine line when trying to solve a dispute and keep everyone happy. Therefore, if you are a business owner, you should be capable of resolving any issues internally. by keeping everyone satisfied.

There is hardly anything worse than having all kinds of unresolved conflicts taking place in the workplace, whether they are between employees and managers, or employees themselves. To resolve them quickly and efficiently, we will try to help you by outlining some of the ways to solve employment disputes.456yuythry

1. Make the entire process organized and clear

If an employee has any kind of personal grievance, they should raise that grievance within 90 days of the action that caused the dispute. In order to make it easier for the employees, and to properly address all the disputes, you must ensure that all those involved are fully aware and familiar with the dispute resolution process. Make sure to outline the process in employee contracts and have them included in employee handbooks and other related literature.

2. Organize an initial meeting

Almost every serious employee dispute starts off with an employee writing and submitting a written complaint. However, there are still those that prefer verbal complaints, so as to prevent a situation from deteriorating. Once that happens, you should organize a meeting between the sides involved in the dispute as soon as possible. The main purpose of this meeting should be to identify the root of the problem, and what each party looks to achieve with the resolution. If the problem cannot be resolved due to the fact that it pertains to another staff member, a mediation is needed.

3. Encourage and promote in-person conversation

In most cases, a problem can be very difficult to permanently solve without real, face-to-face conversation. By that, we mean no SMS messages, social media, emails, and so on. Whether over phone or live, in person, you will have much greater chances of reaching a solution by observing an employee’s body language or determining the tone of their voice.

4. The mediation

The purpose of mediation is to allow the parties to voice their concerns and try to come with appropriate solutions to the problem. The job of the mediator will be to control and guide the discussion, as well as let everyone be heard. Giving those, who are involved in the dispute, an opportunity to settle their problems on their own, in a well-controlled environment, is usually the key to solving the majority of employment disputes.

5. Make sure to allow third-party support

ertyuhfgdfIf one of the parties decides to rely on the services of a legal representative, in order to handle the dispute, protect yourself in the process, but also make them feel comfortable about the fact that they have called on legal support. You can also seek your own legal support if you wish, as legal support on all the involved sides can be highly constructive and helpful in coming up with the best solution.

6. Avoiding litigation

In order to avoid litigation, which can be very expensive for all sides, try hiring …

Qualities Of A Good Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be quite cumbersome and unpleasant. However, if you hire the right lawyer, your case will be a lot easier. How can you know whether your divorce attorney is the right one? In this post, you will learn some important features that make a great divorce attorney.

Tips when hiring a divorce lawyer


34567utyrYou should look through the divorce’s resume and profile to find out his or her degrees. Also, look where he or she got the degrees from. Determine the states he or she is allowed to practice law in. This is because you can be living in a particular state and your estranged partner is living in another. Thus, you should get an attorney that can handle the matter in both states. Memberships in different law societies, practice history, testimonials from clients, and references from senior lawyers are part of qualifications to check.


Along with the academic qualities, your divorce lawyer ought to have experience in dealing with a broad range of legal cases. For instance, he/she ought to handle cases of divorce, distribution of property, child custody, and other areas of family law. You can find all these in testimonials your attorney provides.

Case-building skills

Every case depends greatly on how a lawyer builds it and the angle the attorney chooses to put emphasis on. For instance, an attorney can propose to settle the issue through negotiation and meditation. If this does not succeed, then the case will proceed to full trial. It is necessary for the lawyer to have a backup plan and full idea of the situation so as to manage the case.

Communication ability

The ability of a divorce lawyer to communicate is vital. For instance, during the trial, your lawyer ought to communicate your client’s concerns, expectations, and needs to the judge and other parties. For this to happen, your divorce attorney needs complete information concerning the case and your emotional involvement. Also important is the attorney’s ability to communicate with opposite party so that it leads to settlement of important matters outside the court. In this way, he or she will make the process quite easy for you.


The attorney ought to be composed and calm at all times, even at an extreme crisis. A lawyer that gets easily scared can lose his or her ability to negotiate. This may result in you losing the case. A great attorney ought to handle himself or herself maturely and be professional when arguing your case in court.456utrhegtwr


A divorce attorney is likely to be handling several cases at any particular time. Thus, it is necessary for him or her to be well-organized and offer you adequate time. It is advisable to choose an attorney who is prompt and with organized support staff. This will make it easy to reach him or her at any time.


In most cases, quality is measured by price. However, it is still possible to find a divorce attorney who is affordable. Setting unusually high charges can be quite discouraging and unprofessional. Thus, you need to choose an attorney who offers reasonable charges.…

Don Payne Jr. for Congress

We need DONALD PAYNE Jr in Congress!

Donald Payne Jr. is an Essex County Freeholder at-large, Newark City Council President, and the son of late Congressman Donald Payne Sr. of New Jersey’s 10th district.

He has created jobs and aided businesses, improved our schools and helped our families, and protected the rights of women, seniors, and our most vulnerable citizens. With Payne, we get results, not promises.

We need a proven fighter in Washington, one who stands and delivers for everyone in our diverse district.

Find out more about electing DONALD PAYNE Jr to Congress!

Latest News

Top 3 Orange mayoral candidates endorse Donald Payne Jr for Congress

ORANGE, NJ– All three of the top candidates in the recent mayor’s race in Orange, including the current mayor and mayor-elect, have united to support Donald Payne Jr. for Congress. Mayor Eldridge Hawkins Jr. and Janice Morrell have joined Mayor-elect Dwayne Warren in endorsing Payne as the best candidate to represent the 10th district.

MAY 30
Jesse Jackson Jr. and Yvette Clarke endorse Donald Payne Jr for Congress

Two more nationally-recognized Congressional Black Caucus members have stepped forward to endorse Donald Payne Jr. for Congress. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr and popular Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette Clarke today both backed Payne for the 10th district seat.

MAY 29
Congressional Black Caucus members endorse and rally for Payne

NEWARK, NJ – Congressional Black Caucus Chair Emanuel Cleaver and fellow Black Caucus member and Democratic Chief Deputy Whip G.K. Butterfield endorsed and rallied for Donald Payne Jr. and his campaign for Congress in the 10th district Saturday.

Outside Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Newark, Cleaver told a raucous crowd of voters and RWDSU Local 108 members, “I’m here for one reason. We need Donald Payne Jr. in Washington.”

MAY 24
Orange Mayor-elect Warren backs Payne in CD 10

Orange Mayor-Elect Dwayne Warren today endorsed Newark Council President Donald Payne, Jr., for Congress in the 10th district.

“Working people in Orange deserve a Congressman who will fight for them,” said Warren. “That’s what Donald Payne has done in Newark, and it’s what he’ll do for the whole Congressional district,” said Warren, who won the contest to be Orange’s next mayor on May 8th. “He knows how to create jobs, and he does things the right way.”